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About Us

WATER THE NEEDY FOUNDATION is an indigenous non-governmental organization committed to providing affordable and portable drinking water especially in Rural/Remote villages in every part of the Nation.

The foundation was officially registered with the Nigerian corporate affairs commission on the 18th day of September, 2019 with certificate no CAC/IT/NO 135704 which can be seen on the last page, but we started the projects since 2017 through our twitter handle.

Our water projects have always been done in conversation with the local people who will benefit by the water systems. Management practices, including qualified local repair technicians, have been a part of every project. Villagers have always participated in the planning and installation and subsequently manage, maintain and repair the improved water point to ensure a continuous safe water supply.

We have so far through the contributions of various sponsors executed hundreds of projects which includes building of schools, construction of hand pump boreholes, solar boreholes, electric pump boreholes, fixing of damaged ones and also building of traditional water wells where required.

 The provision of sustainable water supply scheme in the northern region of Nigeria remains a major concern to various levels of government in the region. Water is a precious natural resource that sustains all forms of life. It is a common saying that there is no life without water. However, where water is available but of poor quality, it will result in adverse health effect. Problems related to the availability of potable drinking water are being faced in several parts of Northern Nigeria with the people having little (or no) water to drink from polluted streams and rivers.

Significantly, majority of the Rural/Remote villages in the Northern Nigeria have no access to good drinking water source with greater number of their water sources exceeding WHO water quality guidelines (WHO, 1993) and Federal Environmental Protection Agency standards and guidelines for drinking water quality in Nigeria (FEPA, 1991).  The disastrous health effects associated with prolonged consumption of highly contaminated stream water are well documented which includes kidney and gastric disorder, typhoid, diarrhea, cholera etc. Water related diseases are the most critical health problems among the Rural/Remote villages in Northern Nigeria and represents 80% of all illnesses in Rural/Remote villages.

Mission Statement

To create a better quality of life by bringing water to those in need

Vision Statement

WATER THE NEEDY FOUNDATION is a humanitarian organization devoted to playing a vital role in eradicating poverty/diseases by providing clean, sustainable water, access to quality education, and more equitable opportunities to rural areas across the Nation

What We Do

  • Construction of Boreholes & Water Wells
  • Rehabilitation of Boreholes & Water Wells
  • Maintenance of Boreholes & Water Wells

The technology behind our approach is not new, but the process is unique. We have developed a program to build, repair and maintain community boreholes and wells that have fallen into disrepair. The boreholes/water wells are restored to full working order and a long-term program to maintain the system on a regular basis and secure the water supply for the local community is put in place.

Once the boreholes/water wells are in operation, they provide clean water without the need to boil it. The resulting funds help repeat the process and enable us to continue to engage with more communities in need, restoring water supplies to new communities.


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More About Us


Every penny contributed to #BUILDaWELL goes towards our water projects and the preservation of our organization. Everyone on staff or affiliate of is a volunteer and receives no type of monetary compensation besides that given for supervising the respective projects, We all selflessly share the same passion and dedication to fulfil our dream of serving those less fortunate by donating our most valuable asset: time.


Relationships we make with community members where we serve are of the utmost importance to our organization. Each project requires and deserves its own unique amount of attention.  We strive to build relationships by personally travelling to project sites and immersing ourselves within the communities we serve by learning from them, converse with them, share meals together, pray amongst them, etc. We strive to assimilate ourselves within their culture, their social norms, with the intention of understanding them better. Our hope is that our efforts carry a long-lasting impression of inspiration, as we find inspiration in them.


Access to safe water is one of the most efficient ways to support individual and collective development. However, water projects can fail due to the absence of an integrated approach. Problems can range from inappropriate initial design to broken pumps, no maintenance training and contaminated water points resulting from lack of sanitation facilities and unhealthy hygiene practices. To prevent and help solve these problems, we have developed the unique Sustainability intervention approach, a winning combination of strategic and operational initiatives designed to address sustainable access to safe water.


  1. Increasing the number of functioning boreholes in rural communities;
  2. Building capacity among staff at district level on Water and Sanitation and the communities on Community Maintenance of boreholes and pumps by offering training;
  3. Increasing knowledge and information about hygiene and sanitation among the target group;
  4. Increasing numbers of shallow wells in the target area and improving shallow well protection;
  5. Improving the Community Based Management of the various water sources by offering training courses for the target group;
  6. Building of schools to improve the level and educational quality in rural and urban areas.